Google Ads & Hemp & CBD

Hemp, CBD & Google Ads

Advertising hemp and CBD products with Google Ads have been a rough ride for many. The 2018 Farm Bill made hemp legal across the nation on December 20th, 2018. Sadly, the Farm Bill came with a ridiculous list of restrictions (including a 0.3% THC limitation that I won’t get into now). Ever since then, the rush to make advertising and payment processing easier for hemp businesses has been disappointing. Google stands by its rules for advertising hemp and CBD products in Google Ads, but we have all seen those businesses that are advertising their CBD and hemp products online without any problems at all. In fact, this handful of businesses are completely going against what Google states is allowed.

“Advertising hemp and CBD products using Google Ads are still not allowed.”

If you have followed CBD and hemp ads in Google Search, you know what I mean. There are some businesses that are always up and then there are businesses that show up for a day or two and then disappear after they are taken down by Google Ads for violating their terms and conditions.

Google Ads Policy Violation

We received an anonymous tip about a possible beta program that Google has been running with a few hemp and CBD businesses. This would explain why these few businesses have yet to be banned, but who knows. We get a lot of anonymous tips that turn out to be nothing but pure fiction. I only mention this tip because it is the only one we have received that makes any sort of sense. Beyond that, we are stumped and don’t understand how some businesses seem to be completely immune to the rules.

Please share any updates or rumors you may have heard in the comments section below.

For now, advertising hemp or CBD products with Google Ads is still going to be a no-no. It is impossible to advertise on Google and follow its policies at the same time. The best option is to wait it out with and see if they come around.

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Forrest Wilson
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