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Cannabis websites are popping up all over the United States. With the legalization of cannabis on the horizon, many states that have legalized cannabis businesses have already taken to the web.

Chronic Built’s partner’s have been following the progress of local and state laws very closely over the years and they’ve been collecting data on cannabis e-commerce for over a decade.

There are now tons of companies out there claiming to have the best solutions for your cannabis business.

Any of the good data farming firms have been collecting historical data for awhile. They use this data to make important decisions.

Chronic Built’s partner’s have been collecting historical data about cannabis e-commerce since marijuana sales first started on the dark web. We are able to help you make the right decisions based on a lot more than anyone else claims. Our partner companies that have gathered this data have been around for ages and were the only ones collecting data for future e-commerce use. Nobody else collected data under the notion cannabis would ever be legal and only collected data for other unrelated reasons.

Chronic Built now owns 51% of this cannabis data company’s stock, and controls all of the data usage. Chronic Built is the only business with access to this data. Our partner now collects many other types of data in addition to continuing to collect e-commerce data for cannabis online businesses.

Data is King.

Written by
Forrest Wilson
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Forrest Wilson

Forrest "Data" Wilson
Data Engineer

Forrest worked with a cannabis data analyzing firm for 8 years and knows more about the cannabis industry than anyone else on our team. He is our data genius.

Forrest is a bit of a genius and spends his spare time keeping up to date on everything going on in cannabis.

Forrest went to UC Berkeley where he majored in Marketing and Big Data.

He has been part of the Chronic Built family since day one and has always gone above and beyond. We wouldn't have been able to import and use all of the data from the existing data centers without him.